Monday, July 27, 2009

New version of the SPListItem editor released

Here is a small video with the new features:

The latest release can be found here:


  1. Hi there, thanks for sharing this fantastic tool. I have a quick question for you though, does this tool support updating value of taxonomy (managed metadata) field?

  2. Hi Kevin,
    unfortunately not - this will require some extra functionality to pull out the available terms from the managed metadata service. Actually there is another problem that I saw - since the managed metadata field type inherits the lookup field type - the list item editor will treat such fields as lookups. The problem is that the LookupField property of a managed metadata field returns an incorrect field name (with an unresolved resource token) from the lookup list - Term$Resources:core,Language; instead of the correct one Term1033. This causes an exception in the tool because it can't find the correct field from the lookup list. Has it not been for this error you would have seen a drop down with all previously selected terms in this site. They come from a hidden list (the lookup list called TaxonomyHiddenList) which is a site local cache of the managed metadata - the managed metadata service keeps this synchronized with its taxonomy global storage.
    So, to recap - no support yet and actually due to this bug (or new feature) it doesn't work now, I should see when I will have time to address that.

  3. Hello
    Are there any news available concerning batch update of taxonomy lookup fields?
    Thank you, Michael

  4. Hi Michael,
    I made some very small changes related to the taxonomy field support (not UI enhancements though) - you can check this discussion for more details -

  5. Hi Stefan
    Thank you, this helps. you last changes make the tool helpful for a "manual bulk update" of some dozens of library items, a job I am envisioning for migration from one library to another.